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Horror Show is an illustrated tribute to Classic & B-Movie Horror Cinema. Featuring work from 30 internationally renowned illustrators!

Each participant has been allocated their own personal movie from which to create their interpretation, the full list of movies included in the project are as follows:

The Thing // Nightmare On Elm Street // Braindead // Toxic Avenger // Nosferatu // Lost Boys // IT // Phantasm // Basket Case // Night Of The Creeps // Hellraiser // The Fly // Lords Of Salem // The Mist // American Werewolf In London // Evil Dead // Dawn Of The Dead // Frankenstein // Texas Chainsaw Massacre // The Hills Have Eyes // Hausu // Mars Attacks! // Critters // Alien // The Wolfman // Demons // Return Of The Living Dead // Gremlins // Creature From The Black Lagoon // Wasp Woman // Slither

52 page A5 book
Litho printed with Green Spot colour throughout.
Published & printed by New Rule in East London and each is hand embossed with our New Rule seal of radness!


Please allow up to 15 days for delivery.